Economic success is determined not just by the quality of the product but by the fulfillment of our needs across the entire customer experience chain. Customers want an experience – no matter what kind – that they can share with others and that enables them to fulfill their wishes. Customer centricity is key in management in the experience economy. 

Dr. Michael Lewrick

Author, The Design Thinking Playbook

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Monash University Malaysia

The pandemic has upended the business models of most startups and existing companies. As the economy reopens companies are finding that customers may have disappeared or that their spending behavior has changed. Suppliers are going out of business or requiring cash-up-front terms. Accounts receivables are stretching way out. Revenue models and forecasts are no longer valid. In sum, whatever business model you had at the beginning of the year may be obsolete.

Steve Blank

Entrepreneur & Author, The Startup Owner's Manual