A very unique program design for a team-building. Combining digital assets such as drones and robots, we help your team to experience team building principles while working alongside digital projects during the program. One of it’s kind! DURATION: 3-5 days. 


Learn latest techniques and approaches to develop stronger mind, powerful grit and acquire growth mindset principles to manoeuvre change and transformation in your organization. Designed for general workforce population. DURATION: 1-3 days.


Structured entrepreneurship workshop for graduates in management trainee or reskilling program. Entrepreneurship principles, approach to innovation, how to communicate effectively, launch ideas and professional selling. DURATION: 4-5 days.

There are FIVE areas an executive can be effective:

1. Know how you spend your time.

2. Ask what contribution you are actually making.

3. Focus on your strengths.

4. Identify areas that can give you significant difference.

5. Learn how to make effective decisions.

Peter F. Drucker

Management Thinker & Business Educator, The Effective Executive, 1967

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