What Is Innovation?

Innovation is used as the most important way for companies to accelerate the pace of change in today’s global business environment. Leading strategic thinkers are moving beyond a focus on known product and service categories to pioneer innovations in business processes, distribution, value chains, business models, and even the functions of management.


What Is Leadership?

Leaders take explicit steps to foster an innovation culture based on trust among employees. In such a culture, people understand that their ideas are valued, trust that it is safe to express those ideas, and oversee risk collectively, together with their managers. Such an environment can be more effective than monetary incentives in sustaining innovation.

What is ILAS about?

ILAS is a short name for Innovation & Leadership Agnostic Survey.

ILAS is used to assess interoperable relationship between innovation and leadership in an organizational workforce to drive strategic business goals and performance.

ILAS is particularly used for Management group especially Senior Leadership and Management that is involved in strategic decision making.

ILAS has been collected various group from more than 5,000 respondents in the last 5 years.

ILAS is organized and administered exclusively by DT Leadership Sdn Bhd. It is suitable from 5 – 500 person at any one time survey session. Reach out to get an introduction of ILAS for your organization and workforce groups.



Key Benefits From ILAS

ILAS assess three main areas of Innovation and Leadership of the respondent:

1. Attitude – the mental and mindset state of the respondent in relation to Innovation & Leadership

2. Aptitude – the skill and ability state of the respondent in relation to Innovation & Leadership

3. Fortitude – the courage of doing of the respondent in relation to Innovation & Leadership


Why organization needs ILAS now?

As innovation becomes centralized to many organization, our survey shown that the top five biggest challenges for leaders and managers to facilitate and demonstrate the right innovation and leadership behaviours seems very obvious.

The three popular challenges are:

1. Challenge One: Lack of innovation and creativity skills

2. Challenge Two: Don’t know how to start Innovation project

3. Challenge Three: Lack of confidence

We are in the opinion that ILAS could assist top leadership and senior management to close rank and view the survey results as an opportunity to reimagine and reorient the direction of innovation and leadership to strategically support overall business performance. 


ILAS Survey Access

ILAS is accessible by invitation to the Client. The survey must be completed within 5 working days upon survey access given.

Further information can be requested via message to our Executive Coach, Khairul Anwar. He can be reached here or on his LinkedIn profile.