My coaching specialty is I am a thinking partner to senior leaders and founders to coach and mentor their innovation and leadership teams successfully. I bring in my versatility in understanding major innovation tools and help the teams to excel in their innovation initiatives which is paramount, build solid goal plans to achieve their highest leadership performance and meet their KPIs set so they can keep their jobs for next promotion. 

Khairul Anwar

Executive Innovation Coach, DT LEADERSHIP


Leadership is something that evolved as a result of management excellence. How do you bring people around and help them flourish in your environment? It’s not by being a dictator. It is not by telling them what to do. It is by making sure they feel valued by being in the room with you. This is what great leaders do, they listen and pay attention to their people. DURATION: Retainer 3-6 months for 1-1 coaching, 1-5 group coaching. Focus areas: Business and Life Coaching.


There’s always tension between creativity and operational excellence. A comprehensive coaching structure that combines both focus to create strong minded innovation leaders as well as great manager to get things done. How to connect with other team members? What tools to use to develop a prototype? What metrics to consider to validate ideas? Get in F.A.S.T. DURATION: Retainer 3-6 months for 1-1 coaching, 1-5 team coaching. Focus areas: Innovation and Leadership Coaching.


As a leader, having a coaching skill can turn around your department and division to become more productive. Don’t just sit your butt in the seat. Provide emotional responses to your teams and show enthusiasm in developing others. Unleash fresh energy, drive innovation and commitment. As a coach, you will learn to unlock people’s potential to maximize their own performance. Are you as coachable? DURATION: 3-5 days.


Letting go of the old is hard but a must. Leadership is a role someone plays to create more opportunities to others. It starts by having a strong vision that ‘s bigger than the person itself. To be a good leader, you must know yourself. Who are you? What is your work? What is your vision? Learn about the concept of presencing – blending of sensing and presence for new age leadership in a volatile world. DURATION: 3-5 days

Four main drivers that will distract leaders into unhelpful behaviours; money, power, status and popularity. When unaware these habits become so ingrained and automated. And the higher you rise, the more likely you are to begin to display some of these behaviours. By doing less of these, you are doing more for yourself.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching