Getting people to adopt a new way of doing things, mobilizing them around a new story, is the hard stuff of innovation. As leaders we need to act boldly on instinct too. Yes sometimes we have to have data points to tell us what to do next. Trying to get complete datasets is a wishful thinking. Respect the data you can have but love imagination more. 

Tendayi Viki

Associate Partner, Strategyzer


The playing field for innovation has widened. Executives throughout the world are sweeping up the latest inspirations and insights from diverse sources. Inspiration knows no boundaries. 


Leaders today must become aware of their roles in co-generating the problem and then step up to co-create the different to solutions. Leading from the future as it emerges and as the situation unfolds. 

The most common source of external ideas is from customers. It is accounting to close 30% of the ideas behind companies’ most important innovations. This finding reinforces an important reason of customers involvement in innovating our products and services. 

Anne Marie Knott, PhD

Professor of Strategy, Washington University