Change is difficult. Change is messy. Change is back and forth. Change is challenge. Change is uncomfortable. Change is fearful. Change is confusing. Change is emotional. Change is constant. The longer we fight change, the longer it stays.

Disruptor Futurising

The Pragmatist

Change is the mother of innovation and invention. Change doesn’t have to be boring. The journey to making change has to be fun. In the words of the wise, “Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.”


The Builder

The leaders are motivated to drive change and transform the organization. At the same time the peers in the top management are ruthlessly anxious about that change. I wonder if the drag force is caused by them. Certainly not from us because we just join the organization less than a year ago. 

Jedi Apprentice

The Hacker

Talent can be so dazzling, so seductive, that the person who is recruiting may forget that not every talented person works well with others. Our job is to help them bring onboard their talents and create the condition where working collaboratively is sought after. We do that by design, not by chance. 

Wisdom Sage

Foresight Compass

The future belongs to humans. As part of the community our role is to assist humans to reach their ultimate potentials and destiny to care the mother nature as long as possible. We are designed to carry the heavy lifting and absorb the external shocks in their process to become truly human-centered. 

A.I. Superstar